8 Best Bars And Breweries in LoHi, Denver

best bars and breweries in lohi

The LoHi neighborhood in Denver, Colorado is a great place to go out for a drink or two.. or three.. or ten (it’s your life, we don’t judge).

From breweries to dive bars to upscale cocktail bars, there should be an option for just about anyone.

To help you plan your night out in LoHi, Denver, here’s our list of the best bars and breweries in LoHi, Denver.

1) Recess

Number one on our list is probably our favorite summer-time bar in LoHi and that is Recess. Recess has a huge outdoor area as well as a smaller indoor section with a bar, and is a great spot for going out at night or for some day drinking on a nice day.

They have a huge selection of beers and cocktails (don’t sleep on the summer slam piece). They also have a ton of TVs set up around the bar and outdoor area in case you’d like to go somewhere to watch a game.

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2) Happy Camper

“There’s not a better combination of pizza, booze, vibes and happiness in the whole universe than what you’ll get here,” says Happy Camper’s website.

It’s hard to say if Happy Camper is a pizza place with a bar, or a bar that serves pizza, but either way it’s one of the cooler places on our list.

From a campfire seating area, to a giant disco ball, from Christmas light decorations, you won’t find a place on this list that is decorated better. The Big Ass Lemonades they sell aren’t half bad either!

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happy camper

3) Postino

Postino also made it on our best restaurant list for LoHi, but it deserves a shoutout here too. Postino is a wine bar that also serves some small plates and bruschetta boards.

They have a great wine and beer selection, and a very laid back atmosphere. The service is fast and friendly, and can certainly help with wine selection if you aren’t exactly an expert yourself.

It’s one of our favorite spots for some food and casual drinks, and it’s less than a 2 minute walk away from the next entry on our list if you’re looking to keep the party going after.

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4) Occidental

Occidental is the only real dive bar on this list, and it might even be more fair to just describe it as dive-bar-esque than as an actual dive. I’m not quite sure how else to describe it, but you’ll know what I mean if you’ve been there.

It has a bit of a punk-rock vibe to it, lots of New York sports team’s flags and logos draped all over the place, TVs playing whatever sports games are going on, and it’s got some great drinks and apps you can choose from as well – the El Diablo and Shawarma Tots are two of my personal favorites here.

It’s worth noting that sometimes service can be a bit slower here if you’re not seated at the bar, so keep that in mind if you go at peak times.

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5) Lady Jane

Lady Jane is an upscale cocktail bar located on 32nd Street. It’s a very chic and modern atmosphere and they’ve got a great selection of creative cocktails to choose from.

Some are more elaborate and unique creations, and others are simply twists on the classics. I’m no mixologist myself, so instead of trying to explain this any further, I’ll just leave a link to their cocktail menu here.

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lady jane

6) Denver Beer Co

Located on Platte Street, Denver Beer Co is easily one of the most popular spots on this list and for good reason.

They’ve got a great outdoor area, it’s dog-friendly, there’s normally a food truck there, and they have a great beer selection, of course.

From citrusy IPAs to graham cracker porters, there’s plenty of options to choose from. I have no shame in saying the Princess Yum Yum (a raspberry kolsch) is my favorite beer of the bunch.

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denver beer co

7) Prost

The second and only other brewery on this list is Prost. I believe Prost has a slightly smaller selection of beers than the previous mention on this list, but they make up for it with a great outdoor deck, steins and boots available, and some fantastic food as well.

It’s dog friendly as well and is a great place to kick off some day drinking activities at.

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8) Avanti

Last, but certainly not least on our list, is Avanti. Avanti is another one that made both our top LoHi restaurant list and bar list.

Avanti has two levels and it has a bar both downstairs and upstairs. Downstairs is a big, open indoor area with plenty of seating. Upstairs you have access to the rooftop, which is great on a nice day.

Again, good selection of drinks available and it’s a fun spot to meet up with some friends at.

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